Quality Policy

For more than a quarter-century, GIPTA acquired a principle to reflect technological abilities to its machine park when producing the better, the newer. With its 450 qualified and experienced staff, GIPTA keeps on walking to give high quality and service to you. 


GIPTA is the leading company in the sector with its proportion and innovation. Our quality policy consists of the great passion that we feel about our business & products and carefully done the market-focused analysis. The raw materials that we use, graphic design, our management system, and our marketing elements are our culture’s critical point of view. When all GIPTA products are kneaded with this culture, they reach an unquestionalble design level and production quality standard.

The content, the material, even the design of a product are the main factors that make the final product prestigious and innovative. GIPTA is capable of answering your selections, your needs and creating products over your expectitions with a reasonable production time and reasonable prices. 

The production continues fluently by using CRM programme. The production planning will be arranged accordingly and it matches with the delivery time of the customer. 

There are quality control teams at the end of each production unit. They control each product one by one. This is the guarantee to keep the same quality level of the first one and the last one.

More than 2.000 articles are packed and stocked with this system. During the year, most of the products are kept in stock and ready to be sent. When the order received, the goods will be collected from the shelves in our warehouse and packed carefully with the help of our barcoding system. This process will be done by hand-terminals.           

All these procedures are specially optimized for GIPTA for speed, stability and minimum mistake.

Our purpose is to apply our qualified service motto to GIPTA’S every unit and to keep customer satisfaction on the top level

Faithful, good-humored, speedy and qualified service is mandatory for GIPTA.