Our Mission

GIPTA is always a valuable and leading brand since its establishment in 1984, not only in stationery but also in the packaging sector. The policy of GIPTA AMBALAJ is giving good service, over standard quality and customer satisfaction. Like all the business fields that GIPTA takes part, GIPTA AMBALAJ has the responsibility to be the leader in the packaging sector. GIPTA AMBALAJ always aims to move forward by protecting its position and faith that gained from customers. This will improve GIPTA AMBALAJ brand.

Our Vision

Innovation and improvement are mandatory for GIPTA, the same vision is valid in the packaging sector. GIPTA AMBALAJ, that aims to have the leading market share in the domestic and international market, not only keeps following the fashion trends with its qualified staff but also determines the fashion itself. GIPTA AMBALAJ takes the responsibility to keep its position and add value to the national economy through new investments and business opportunities.